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CPT Therapy

Cognitive Processing Therapy (CPT)

Cognitive Processing Therapy (CPT) is a type of evidence-based therapy used to treat individuals who have experienced trauma, particularly those with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). CPT is a structured therapy that focuses on helping individuals challenge and change unhelpful beliefs and thoughts related to the traumatic event.


In CPT, the therapist works with the individual to identify and challenge cognitive distortions and negative beliefs that have developed as a result of the trauma. The therapy typically involves the following components:


1. Education: Providing information about PTSD, how trauma affects the brain, and how negative beliefs can develop in response to trauma.


2. Cognitive restructuring: Helping the individual identify and challenge inaccurate or unhelpful thoughts related to the trauma. This process involves examining evidence for and against these thoughts, and developing more balanced and realistic beliefs.


3. Processing traumatic memories: Encouraging the individual to confront and process their traumatic memories in a safe and controlled manner. This may involve writing about the traumatic event, discussing it in therapy, or engaging in exposure therapy.


4. Developing coping skills: Teaching the individual strategies to manage distressing emotions, cope with triggers, and improve their overall functioning.


CPT is typically conducted over 12 sessions and may be delivered in individual or group therapy formats. The therapy aims to help individuals make sense of their trauma, reduce symptoms of PTSD, and improve their quality of life. CPT has been shown to be effective in treating PTSD and other trauma-related conditions in both civilian and military populations.

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