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Clinical Supervision

Clinical supervision is a professional relationship between a more experienced mental health professional (the supervisor) and a less experienced mental health professional (the supervisee) who is seeking guidance and support in their clinical work. Clinical supervision is a critical component of training and professional development in the fields of psychology, counseling, social work, and other mental health disciplines.


The primary goal of clinical supervision is to ensure the quality of client care and the professional growth of the supervisee. Supervision provides a structured and supportive environment for the supervisee to reflect on their clinical work, receive feedback and guidance, and enhance their clinical skills and competencies.


Some key functions of clinical supervision include:


1. Case Consultation: Supervisors help supervisees process and reflect on their clinical cases, explore different perspectives, and develop effective treatment plans.


2. Skill Development: Supervisors provide guidance on therapeutic techniques, interventions, and strategies to help supervisees improve their clinical skills.


3. Professional Development: Supervisors support supervisees in developing their professional identity, ethical decision-making, and self-awareness.


4. Emotional Support: Supervisors provide emotional support and validation to supervisees as they navigate the challenges of their clinical work.


5. Evaluation and Feedback: Supervisors provide ongoing evaluation and feedback on the supervisee's clinical work, helping them identify areas of strength and areas for growth.


Clinical supervision can take place in individual or group formats, and can be conducted in person, over the phone, or through video conferencing. The frequency and duration of supervision sessions can vary depending on the supervisee's level of experience and the requirements of their licensing or certification board.



Individual: $150

Group: $50

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